Do iUAVs dream of
electric sheep? you dream of the future?

landing in the future


Inspection of inaccesible structures

Our intelligent quadrotor is able to take pictures of structures that are hard to reach due to their location or characteristics: civil engineering, electric towers in mountains, etc.


An iUAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle with intelligence.

iUAVs entail less risk and costs than the manned alternatives. As compared to non-intelligent UAVs, iUAVs can perform tasks by themselves, without human intervention, and set off alarms or request the human intervention when necessary

Our iUAVs entail many advantages such as high payload, adaptation to specific environments, charging technologies for unlimited autonomy, intelligent stabilization, hovering...


Air support for emergency crews

Air support can be helpful to coordinate ground missions. Besides, thanks to the AI, changes will be automatically detected (e.g. hot spots in a fire)

Awards and prizes

The idea has proved to be successful in several awards

First Prize in the Start-up Projects category

First Prize

2010 Best Project


Finding missing people or accident victims

Advances in computer vision make possible to create devices able to detect people by combining multispectral images. Thanks to this, missing people search and rescue can be accelerated by using several coordinated quadrotors.

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