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Flexibility and operability provide this technology with a great potential for non-military market spheres

This kind of unmanned vehicles (drones, UAV) is potentially sellable in different market spheres, since it is able to fly over irregular or rough terrain and to overcome any obstacle, as well as to provide with bird's-eye sight images and other information collected by different sensors.

A system with several UAV robots is even stronger, due to the possibility of parallel co-operation of the drones to perform tasks such as surveillance of wide exterior areas or mobile sesor networking. These UAV swarms (unmanned aerial vehicles) can carry out scouting missions in the case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, or in the event of terrorist attacks, and identify the position of people in need of help.

Our business model is based on our ability to create costumized systems in order to fulfill our clients' needs in different fields, by implementing AI technology.

A few examples can be read below:

Missing People Search

The use of several helicopters at the same time can significantly reduce the time of search

imagenes-iuavs-01 One or more helicopter-like drones can search for missing people in open areas which are hard to reach, such as mountainous or snowy areas. These UAV can be kept in mountain stations due to their small size, which also reduces the time of search.

The low cost of these drones, as compared to the cost of a traditional helicopter, makes them the perfect device to carry out this task. A traditional helicopter is between 30 and 60 times mores expensive, puts human lives at stake, and needs a great quantity of fuel to work.

Photography, Video & Aerial Cartography

Fast and easy birds-eye view pictures

imagenes-iuavs-02 Different market spheres can benefit from this application. Agriculture (count of the number of trees of an area, which affects subventions), real estate (commercial pictures and videos), hotel industry... Using iUAVs instead of the traditional alternative implies the following advantages:
  • Relatively inexpensive prices.
  • Better results: more stability (and, therefore, better pictures), more dinamism and more possibilities (flying at low speed, close to the obtacles...)
  • Simplification of the process.
  • Automatization of the process, when a wide area needs to be photographied.
  • Creation of 3D maps.
  • Time saver.
  • One person is able to control the whole task by him/herself.

Fire Prevention & Control

imagenes-iuavs-03 Drones or UAVs allow for constant supervision of forests and wooded areas at risky times, searching for fire spots or outbreaks. A wide area can be supervised from above by the unmanned vehicle, not risking any human lives and reducing the cost of the human contigents that would otherwise be necessary to carry out this task.

Moreover, our iUAV can work individually or in groups -thanks to swarm intelligence techniques- to coordinate squads to extinguish fires or carry out fire evolution studies, among others.

Security & Military Applications

UAVs can be useful for several tasks such as aerial scouting missions, tactic planning, aerial surveillance of facilities and escorting of military convoys.

The surveillance of restricted areas and borders is also an important task that UAVs can perform. It is possible to establish a permanent patrol and to costumize the devices of the robots so that they are able to detect risk situations automatically and set off an alarm.

Other applications

Many applications can be customized for specific tasks.

  • Environmental applications: Parametrization of light pollution levels, monitoring of accidental toxic dumpings in water and land, control of industrial waste deposit and storage areas...
  • Agriculture: Control and monitoring of crops with multi-spectral imaging techniques, control of watering efficency, count and supervision of subventioned agriculture...
  • Geology: Creation of geologic maps regarding sedimentation, mineralogy and geophysics, control and monitoring of mines and their environmental impact: seismic activity, production of aggregates, matallic waste, settling ponds... Determination and escalated control of areas with risks related to geology or to snowsliding, by using multi-spectral imaging techniques to determine the snow humidity, thermic cameras to determine its temperature and stereoscopic techniques to determine its thickness.
  • Construction and inspection: Aerial inspection of construction works. Estimation of visual impact of future buildings.
  • Crowd control and analysis: Concentrations, concerts...
  • Scene of the crime aerial investigation: Road accidents.
  • Inaccessible areas exploration: Caves, precipices...
  • Traffic: Monitoring and recording of traffic situation.