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Flying Ideas Contest Rules

1.- Aim

The Flying Ideas contest, organized by Intelligenia DYNAMICS, aims to establish a platform where ideas and possible applications for unmanned aerial vehicles (implementing AI, computer vision, several gadgets...) can be posted and exchenged, taking into account the limitations of such vehicles.

2.- Participation

The ideas must be submitted to In one page, the contestant must determine:

  • sector
  • application
  • task
  • social benefits
  • commercialization ideas
  • technical requirements.

The idea must be explained along the body of the email, and NOT in attached documents.

Attached documents can be added to explain details. These documents must be 5MB max. and

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • AVI
  • MPEG


The email must also detail the participant data: name, address, telephone number, email address and ID/passport number.

The subject of the email must be “Concurso Flying Ideas”

Neither the workers of this company or of any of its members, subsidiaries or publicity agencies, nor their close relatives (spouse, parents, children, siblings or their spouses) or the co-habitants of any of the aforementioned can take part in this contest.

3.- Notifications

Once the idea has been submitted, the contestand will receive the following notifications in his/her email.

  • Confirmation of reception.
  • Pre-selected ideas and start of the voting term.
  • Finalist ideas after the voting term.
  • Awarded idea.

Moreover, the organization will contact the finalists on their contact telephone number.

Should any of this rules be modified, the organization will notify this to the participants via email.

4.- Deadline

The deadline for the presentation of the ideas is the 30th of November, 2011.

The dates of start and end of pre-selection, finalist publication and award will not yet be notified. de finalistas y ganadores serán comunicadas más adelante. The organization commits to complete the whole process before the 30th of November, 2012.

5.- Criteria

The jury will consider:

  1. originality
  2. technical viability and adecuation (see “Our Idea”)
  3. usability
  4. social aspects
  5. precision
  6. economic viability and possibility of commercialization

6.- Award

The jury will preselect the ideas submitted to the organization. The pre-selected ideas will be posted to this website, and a voting application will be implemented to guarantee a safe voting system.

The most voted ideas will be finalist and the jury will appoint the awarded idea.

The jury reserves the right to call off this contest if the submitted ideas do not reach minimum levels of quality, or if there are not enough participants.

7.- Prize

The awarded contestant will receive an iPad with WiFi and capacity of 16 GB. Another technologic gadget of similar prize can be awarded at the winner's request.

8.- Prize Award

The organization reserves the right to demand the presence of the finalists in the ceremony. However, the ceremony is not guaranteed to be celebrated and may be replaces by a written record, in which case the prize would be sent by messenger company.

9.- Modification of rules

The organization reserves the right to modify the rules of this contest.

10.- Agreement

Entering this contest means to accept one and all the rules previously stated.

11.- Non-reclamation of rights

The contestants release their ideas' copyright to intelligenia DYNAMICS.