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Our Company

Technology-based company focused on iUAV development

Intelligenia DYNAMICS is a technology-based company clearly interested in research, development and constant innovation in engineering. Our focus is the development and commercialization of intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (iUAVs), and we particularly work with quadrotor and octorotor UAVs.

We are located in Granada, Spain, but aim for the international market. Our constant R&D process is based on the following principles:

Our compass is the search for commercial applications of technology

  • Orientation to commercial application
    • Our R&D processes will lead to the development of improved UAVs with new design possibilities and technological innovations which may be immediately viable for commercialization.
  • Constant evaluation of the civil sector
    •  Although the usual orientation of R&D in UAVs is military use, we have decide to adapt UAVs to the needs and wishes of the civil sector. We strongly believe in the use of UAV (specially the quadrotors and octorotors, which are capable of static flight) beyond the military sector. We are therefore determined to make it possible.
  • Search for economically and environmentally sustainable applications
    • iUAVs can make an enormous difference in several cases of vulnerability: accidents, natural disasters, crime, environmental degradation... We aim to contribute to the creation of a better world.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission declares our purpose, as while as our vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our company, to get us closer to accomplish our mission. Our values describe the behavior of our company and every single part of it. Together, mission, vision and values are those principles and aims that every person of this company, either a member of the Board of Directors or a newly arrived technician, takes into account before making any decision or performing any action.


Reducing the gap between UAVs and society, so that it can benefit from this technology in different fields.


  • To produce versatile products that all market spheres can benefit from.
  • To detect new demands and provide with early solutions.
  • To offer costumized solutions.


  • Flexibility
  • Constant innovation
  • Solutions - we solve problems rather than creating them.

The constant value of flexibility allows our company to develop a versatile product able to fulfill the needs of the market

Beyond iUAVs

Although our company is now hitting the market in order to offer a very specific product, it is based in a wider idea. Our strategy, based on the aforementioned values, is the following:

Global Mission

Making tomorrow's technology available today.

Global Vision

  • To reduce the time between the creation of technology and its arrival to society.
  • To examine new technologies and find applications for them.
  • To reach every possible market sphere.

Our History

Back in the year 2004, a group of engineers with similar ideas met in a forum. The development of their ideas ended up joining their futures in intelligenia in 2008.

Also in 2008, those engineers finished their training in the EPFL1) (Switzerland), where they developed a quadrotor. That project brought to their minds the idea of actually working on this field. In 2009, the project of creating Intelligenia DYNAMICS was laid on the table, and it led to the constitution of our company in 2011, and to our first activities.