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Research & Development + Innovation

intelligenia DYNAMICS is a Knowledge-Intensive Company (KIC) and is, therefore, committed to R&D&I. This allows us to bring the newest technologies closer to our clients, so that innovation does not stay in labs and society has the chance to benefit from it.

We have coined a new term - R&D&C, Reasearch & Development & Commercialization - because we are convinced that the ultimate end of R&D is no other than commercialization. INTELLIGENNIA 13

Artificial Intelligence

Our main line of research focuses on implementing artificial intelligence in UAVs so that they can carry out task by themselves, with minimal human intervention.

We apply AI in two fields:

  • Swarm intelligence: This line of research is oriented to ultimately develop algorithms that allow several UAVs to co-operate to perform a number of tasks.
  • Soft computing: Implementation of soft computing techniques to improve the algorithms of device stabilization.


The development of communication systems will allow UAVs to communicate with their base station at long distances.


We are researching to determine which materials would allow for lighter, more resistant UAVs which are able to fly for longer..